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Style T730 & T740 Acrylic Knit Baby Hats

Regular price $99.00

Colorful stretch knit fabric, synthetic spun yarn. Thick, soft, warm & latex free. Ultra-plush & warm. Solid colors are double ply, striped are single ply.
T730 Solids
T740 Striped
Preemie (small)
Full-Term (large)
These are blank only - Not Printed
Acrylic Infant Knit Caps

Lt. Blue
Lt. Pink

Lt. Blue/White Striped.
Lt. Pink/White Striped.
Lt. Blue/White/Lt. Pink Striped.
Red/White Striped.
Red/Green/White Striped.
Red/White/Blue Striped.
Color Mix for Packs of 50 or 200 is not Available at this time.
Packs of 50 or 200 is made to order and will ship in 2 - 3 weeks.