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Ceramic Tiles 6x6 Mostly Flower Murals Home Decor Gifts for Him Gifts for Her

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Mural Description

This mural is 1 ceramic tile 6" x 6" in a Glossy finish with a thin cork backing so you can lay it flat on a surface or put it in an easel.

This is a wonderful addition for any interior home decoration project.
Ask if you need more like this or your own design!

We have other sizes and materials for this picture, and many other pictures.

We use a process called sublimation to create these beautiful pieces of art. We can use your artwork or photographs a put it on many types of substrates. Ask us how.
Can be used as for hot plates, hot pans if not over 360 degrees. Over that temp., the tile will begin to re-sublimate.If you are mounting these tiles and want to use grout: Un-sanded grout should be used. Tiles can be cleaned with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

For custom work, after your purchase, we will email you a link for you to download your picture, with additional instructions.
Some hints to help for your custom work go more smoothly and prevent frustration and delays;
- One of the biggest delays is artwork that doesn't fit the requested size/substrate (e.g., a typical rectangular photo format is submitted for a square tile. There is no way to fit without cropping or stretching the image and no way to know what you expect, so communication is important.)
- Place your order and we email you for you to upload your file.
- Use specific file names like "YourName 6x6 mural.jpg" This way we can identify which file picture is yours. We want to make sure we get and print the correct file.
Please make sure the image you upload is a JPG or other common image format. The image size should be at least 850 x 850 pixel. The more pixels, the better the quality. Please crop the image to a square size, or the size of the print area, or let us know where you like it cropped. We can also answer any questions you may have by email or phone.