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Preemie Rounded Top, 2 Ply Hats Style RT720WPreemie

Regular price $6.00

2 ply hats in white for Preemies.
There is limited stock for these Preemie hats.
Sold by the Dozen.
Due to the nature of Preemie Babies, these preemie hats may be too big for some preemies and too small for other preemies.  
We actively sell these to hospitals around the country.
Hats are 2 ply, rounded top. Polyester.
We have been making these hats for hospital newborn nurseries, labor & delivery, maternity departments through out the United States and Canada, since 1983. Since that time, we have made over 1 Million baby hats!
We also are a supplier for Boutiques.
Do not wash in washing machine. Hand wash only in cool water. Air dry.