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Two Ply Preemie Hospital Newborn Baby Hat Style 720BPW

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 Blue/Pink/White Striped polyester knit body, double ply.
You can cuff them to any length you would like.
Fits Preemies. Due to the nature of preemies, these may still be too large, or even too small for your preemie. We can not, nor will we even try to second guess if it will fit the preemie you may need these for. Our hospital customers do use these.
Approximately 2-11/16" wide x 4-3/4" Tall UN-CUFFED. Stretchy.
Make sure your current supplier can guarantee their products are made in the United States.  We know ours are, because we make them here.
- Baby Boggans Double Ply Latex Free NCI Brand Made In USA
Our Basic Baby boggan.  Double Ply (2 Ply) polyester fabric. Latex Free.
Made In USA. Not imprinted.