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New Company Division Announced

Posted by Margaret Harris on



Harrison, TN (January 29, 2019)  - NCI Products is pleased to announce the launch of Margie’s Photo Gifts, a division of NCI Products, dedicated to retail photo imprint products including decorative tiles, absorbent car coasters and coordinated license plates.

Stock photos or customized photo art is utilized for 4”x4” or 6” x 6” ceramic tiles, sandstone car coasters and/or license plates. Using a process called sublimation, the image becomes a part of the substrate; many coasters and tiles on the market utilize inkjet transfers which prints the ink on top of the product.  Sublimation encapsulates the ink within the polymer coating of the product, producing non-fading, non-scuffing photo art, resulting in years of worry-free enjoyment.

Margaret Harris, President of NCI Products, stated “I am very excited that our growth in the retail market necessitated the establishment of a new division. These photo gift products are very popular in gift shops as well as those who wish to provide individual, customized gifts. Our new customer base has purchased these customized tiles and car coasters as gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Corporate customers have learned that these make excellent promotions at trade shows and industry meetings. We have been pleased that golf cart owners in the 50+ and retirement communities have discovered our products, which has boosted our sales of car coasters, and these same buyers enjoy coordinating their license plates with their car coasters”.

Margie’s Photo Gifts are being sold to the retail market via Etsy, at:

Corporate customers may contact Margaret Harris, at 800.688.8905 to discuss quantity pricing.