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Hat With Detachable Peony Flower Bows

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2 in 1.  1 Hat with 1 detachable bow.
Bow is on an alligator clip, so you can use the bow on your babies
hair once they grow out of the hat.
The hats are rounded top white hats with bow.
Newborn size, just like hospitals use;
We actively sell these to hospitals around the country.
Hats are 2 ply, rounded top, polyester/Cotton Blend, with a colorful bow.  

We are very happy and proud to present our collection of baby hats.

We have been making these hats for hospital newborn nurseries, labor & delivery, maternity departments through out the United States and Canada, since 1983. Since that time, we have made over 1 Million baby hats! We also are a supplier for Boutiques. We have larger quantities available. Please ask!

It's very possible, you or someone in your family was given or used one of our baby hats from one of our customers. We are the home of the original cradle beanie, which has been seen on Discovery Channel's TV program "Birth Day" featuring hospitals around the U.S. Discovery-Health™ and Birth Day™ are trademarks of Discovery Communications, Inc, and are in no way affiliated with NCI Products.

We have many styles and designs available. We have these blank and decorated, but you can decorate them any way you would like, using YOUR CREATIVITY!

Do not wash in washing machine. Hand wash only in cool water. Air dry.