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Two-Ply Newborn Hospital Hat with Pom #100 On Sale

Regular price $1.50

These are the only Baby Beanies on Sale.

Our most popular. 2 Ply Polyester. For Full Term Newborn Babies - These are blank.

For imprinted hats, please call us.

These are blank, not printed. For these printed with one of our stock imprints, please visit our decorated hats collection.

As Seen on Discovery Health Channels Program

"Birth Day" featuring major medical centers.

White body with 2" Pompom. Printable. 

Choice of Pompom Colors:

100TU - White Body with Turquoise (Fluorescent Blue) 2" Pompom 

100W - White Body with White 2" Pompom

100G - White Body with Green 2" Pompom

100R - White Body with Red 2" Pompom

100P - White Body with Pink 2" Pompom

100B - White Body with Blue 2" Pompom

100RWB - White Body with Red/White/Blue 2" Pompom

100OR - White Body with Orange 2" Pompom

100Y - White Body with Yellow 2" Pompom

100PU - White Body with Purple 2" Pompom

100LA - White Body with Lavender 2" Pompom